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Presidency: When will we break the God barrier?

It seems I have no hope of being elected to high office in this country. It took me a while to accept the truth, but I guess I was so hyped about the “power of change” message of this last election that my judgment was clouded. What makes me different from most of the governors and senators and president of these United States is that I don’t believe in a higher being. Because of this, I have committed political suicide. Read more

Newspapers: No news is bad news

Another local paper’s obituary has been written. This Sunday the presses will roll for the last time for the Baltimore Examiner as it joins the throng of local dailies across the country that have either been severely injured or fatally wounded by declining readership and plummeting advertising revenue. Read more

Grading: The limits of letters

A few short months ago, students on the campus and at other universities across the country took part in the long tradition of cramming for finals. A marathon of sleep deprivation, cramming is a ritual that has been passed down through the ages and all for the purpose of achieving a lonely letter grade on our transcripts. Those of you looking for whom to thank for this merciless process can look no further than William Farish. Read more