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Death penalty: The line between revenge and justice

During spring break, while many of you were basking in the rays of the Mexican sun and partying to your heart’s content, I was sitting in my basement and watching movies. Some may call my spring break experience dull, but it was epic. During my mega-movie-marathon, I came across Clint Eastwood’s recent production, Changeling, a true story about a mother whose son disappears and the battle that ensues to find him. Not to reveal too much about the movie, but it ends with the execution of a serial-killing pedophile, Gordon Stewart Northcott, who takes the fate of the missing boy to his grave. Read more

Underage drinking: Outlaws, with a beer in hand

The first week of freshman year – some of us remember those seven days of mayhem; others don’t. For those who weren’t blacked out, we recall the smell of stale beer at frat parties and hormones gone berserk. We remember buses filled with slobbering, sweaty teenagers and waking up with Chinese food fermenting on our clothes. But for the next generation of low-tolerance amateurs, this scene could change dramatically. Read more

Religion: Happiness isn’t next to godliness

While sifting through the e-mails and comments in response to my Feb. 16 column, “Presidency: When will we break the God barrier?” I noticed an overriding theme in the criticism. What seemed difficult for my critics to swallow wasn’t my conclusion that it would be near impossible to elect an atheist to high office, but that neither goodness nor happiness are linked to godliness. Read more