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Glenn Beck: A whole lot of crazy

Glenn Beck and his renegade of sheepish followers descended on Washington this weekend. They brought with them pomp and parade, bagpipes, ministers, tears, anger, Sarah Palin and righteousness. And the crowd of predominantly white Americans in attendance ate it up. Read more

Funny Girl

My interview with Catharine Robertson, executive director of the Baltimore Improv Group [BIG] for Baltimore magazine. Read more

Unfiltered Waters

Wearing a black suit with light blue seersucker sleeves and pockets, a white shirt buttoned tightly around his neck, black-and-white stripped socks, grey camouflage slip-on sneakers, and his signature pencil thin mustache, John Waters sits next to a vase of red roses adorned with a bow as he signs copies of his new book, Role Models, at Atomic Books in Hampden. Read more