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Moderates: Where have all the good people gone?

Democrats and Republicans are driving toward a cliff. They’re both doped up on whatever drug could make them delusional enough to think they deserve to be reelected and too busy bickering about whose necktie is more patriotic to see the end of the road up ahead. They’re about to nose-dive into oblivion, and if we have any sense, we’ll encourage them to speed it up. Read more

Obama: Too cool for school

These are not happy days inside the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Whatever blaze of change that carried President Barack Obama into the White House two years ago has burnt itself out. We have returned to the great American tradition of pessimistic curmudgeonry. Democrats have fallen into bad habits again in their futile attempt to reason with the most unreasonable of Republicans. And Republicans are now having to deal with an insurrection of tea partiers that are crazier than they are. Read more

Cashing In On 9/11

Just when you think Glenn Beck has finally run dry of uncouth tricks, he’s back with more.

Two weeks after Beck and Sarah Palin descended on Washington to try to create a religious revival — and desecrate the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech — the two hucksters plan to reunite to bring shame on a different anniversary: 9/11. But this time the sideshow has a cost. Read more