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Temporary Blues

As President Barack Obama said in a press conference Wednesday, Democrats took a “shellacking” in this week’s midterm election. With Republicans firmly in control of the House of Representatives and John Boehner set to take the reins as speaker of the House, progressives face an uncertain future. Read more

The Cost of Impartiality

After admitting on The O’Reilly Factor that he gets “nervous” on airplanes with people in “Muslim garb,” Juan Williams was ousted from his longtime post as a news analyst for National Public Radio. A day later, Williams scored a three-year contract totaling $2 million from Fox News as a reward for being a victim of political correctness. And in the mere 48 hours that have followed, conservatives have launched an assault on NPR, painting the network as a liberal mouthpiece. Read more

Expect More Footnotes

When the Supreme Court began its new session this month, the justices were joined by newcomer Elena Kagan, who assumed her role as associate justice after an uneasy confirmation hearing last spring. She begins serving at a time when liberals feel disenchanted about the direction of the country and when many issues important to progressives are likely to come before the court. Read more