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‘Brotherhood of the badge’ corrupts Baltimore Co. Police

On an afternoon last October, April Tyler exited Parkville High School to meet her mother. As she walked with a friend after dismissal, a police officer pulled his car next to her and ordered her to stop loitering. Knowing she wasn’t, she told the officer she was waiting to get a ride from her mother and continued to walk. “I’m not done with you yet!” he shouted. Read more

Taking the artistic route for better or for worse

In August I will enter the University of Maryland freshmen class of 2011. After 12 years of slaving away in the public school system, not counting preschool and kindergarten, I’ve reached the end of Baltimore County’s educational tether. Read more

Why Ron Paul was right

Considering the hullabaloo his comments at the Republican debate in South Carolina generated, you would think the soft-spoken doctor-turned-politician from Texas, Ron Paul, was the Antichrist. At the debate Paul stated the Sept. 11 attacks were the indirect result of American foreign policy. Read more