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Why not use wind power in Maryland?

It made my feet sweat. When the credits began to roll and Melissa Etheridge’s voice boomed on the speakers at the end of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” the first thought that came to mind was the doomed future of humanity, followed by images of what my bedroom would look like flooded. Read more

Clean your car windshield — and your roof, it’s the law

The second of February’s winter blasts may have come and gone yesterday, but remnants of both storms remain — mainly on the roofs of minivans and SUVs. Unfortunately, these heavy slabs of ice unhinge themselves in warmer weather and jump from their nests to the road below — or at times the windshields of other cars. Read more

Military recruiters need to abide by the law during efforts

Most people my age like simplicity. Although not the sole reason, we played a large part in why “American Idol” almost claimed more viewers than President George Bush’s State of the Union speech. We want unfussy answers to the most complicated questions in life. Why did we go into Iraq? Oil. Martin O’Malley or Robert Ehrlich for governor? O’Malley — he’s better looking. Who is Scooter Libby? A cartoon character … duh. Read more