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We’ve broken our promise to the people of Darfur

We live busy lives. Discomforting news reports out of Iraq, crime rates in Baltimore City, high gas prices and a bizarrely warm winter provide numerous other worries to the daily stresses of life. Despite the horrors strewn through the daily news, the situation in the Darfur region of Sudan has once again slipped under the radar. Read more

Make regional public transportation worth the trip

Reaching The Examiner office can be quite an adventure. I have two choices to make my way downtown: I can drive or use the Light Rail — neither of which appeals. Read more

Public school safety drills don’t promote safety in the least

Since the horrors of the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, public schools across the nation have taken extra precautions to protect students. With emergency “lockdown” scenarios and metal detectors, public schools drill students in order to prepare for the unimaginable: a gunman loose within school walls. But as a public school student, the incessant drills have proved troubling. Read more