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Reporting From Washington

Exciting news: I’ve recently been hired by Metro Weekly magazine in Washington, DC. Starting this month, I’ll be covering national LGBT issues, the White House, Congress, and the federal courts. Although I’ll still be working on long form pieces, which I will post here periodically, the switch to breaking news reporter from desperate freelance writer means I will be updating this website far less often.

You can still read my work at and on Metro Weekly’s politics blog. And of course, you can follow me on Twitter.

The Price of News

The Baltimore Sun will begin charging frequent users of its website a subscription fee Oct. 10, joining several news organizations that have recently established price tags for online information.

Two things: Newspapers should charge for their online content — it is idiotic and an inane business plan to give what costs thousands to produce away for free. However, you can only expect people to shell out money for something that is worth paying for. In the past few years The Sun has cut staff by dramatic numbers, and when you look and read their paper it shows. Charging web readers will only be successful if they restore some of this paper’s former greatness first.

┬áRead more about what’s in store for web readers here.

Who framed Roger Rabbit? Herman Cain framed Roger Rabbit.