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Posts from the ‘Opinion’ Category

Evolution: Slouching toward the truth

When Charles Darwin published his famous book about evolution, On the Origins of Species, in 1859, he created a religious firestorm that continues to rage. From the pulpit, preachers across the globe decried the idea that man had not been created in the image of God (or by God at all) but had instead evolved from lesser species over billions of years to our current form.

The evidence used to support Darwin’s theory has only surmounted in the more than 150 years since its publication. And yet, despite the enormous amount of supporting evidence and broad consensus among the scientific community, large portions of the population continue to dismiss it as heathen drivel. Read more

2012: The greatest show on earth

Yesterday, with a flurry of text messages and emails to supporters, President Barack Obama formally announced his intentions to seek another term in 2012. Recycling his 2008 campaign logo — a red-and-white-striped rising sun encapsulated in a blue circle — the Obama campaign declared in a video accompanied by strumming guitar music that “it begins with us” as “supporters” voiced the need to make good on the achievements of the past few years and re-elect the president.

Despite whatever perceived accomplishments he may have, Obama faces an uphill battle. He has shifted dramatically on numerous issues during his first term, upsetting not only members of his base but also moderates who voted for the change he promised. Read more

Apple: In Jobs we trust

I have a problem. Some might even call it an obsession, others an addiction. Year after year it costs me hundreds of dollars, but never have I regretted a penny spent. I am one of the millions of yuppies across the globe who salivate whenever Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, steps out onto a dark stage in California to reveal the latest in useless Apple innovation. I am a member of the cult of Apple.

Ever since the launch of the first iPhone in summer 2007, I have found myself drawn, like a moth to light, to Apple’s continuous rollout of shiny and slightly improved gadgets. Each year I promise myself that I will exercise self-control — that I will not be influenced by Apple’s clever and manipulative advertising. And yet year after year, I cave and push my old iPhone off to a family member or sell it on eBay so I can have the latest and greatest. I treat the newest device like I would the rarest of diamonds, enclosing it in an expensive and fashionable case and cleaning it with a microfiber cloth on a regular basis, only to discard it 12 months later. Read more