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Bad bromance: Clash of the blowhards

It was only a matter of time before the burgeoning egos of this state’s Gov. Martin O’Malley and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) began to rub, creating an irritating rash and throbbing with anger. And indeed, that is just what’s happened in recent weeks.

O’Malley and Christie, both 48 years old and predicted to be key leaders in their respective parties in the years ahead — perhaps even as presidential rivals in 2016 — have engaged in an ever-increasing game of political tit for tat that has elevated their profiles and gotten their names mentioned in numerous national publications. The two rough-and-tumble politicians — the fighting Irishman and Jersey Shore belligerent — seem the perfect match for a bar brawl, with one flashing his guns in a muscle shirt while drinking Guinness, and the other donning a bowling shirt and sipping Jim Beam. Instead, however, the two ambitious politicians have opted to take their feud to the airwaves. Read more

Annapolis: A city of wasteful crusaders

When Gov. Martin O’Malley took the podium in the marble-flanked House of Delegates chamber of the Maryland State House for his fifth annual State of the State speech earlier this month, almost everyone had a pretty good idea of what he would say. After all, for nearly a year he had been on the campaign trail regurgitating his accomplishments in his fight for a second term. And as is often the case with “state of” speeches, it would highlight these.

And indeed many predictions held true: O’Malley talked about moving Maryland forward, job creation through investment in technology, education, infrastructure and the long list of other progressive policies he has built his political career on. Read more

Equality: Coming to a state near you?

Even for a Republican in this bluest of states, there seems to be no such word as “moderate” in the GOP’s dictionary. Just ask Allan Kittleman. He’s a Republican who represents Howard and Carroll counties in the state senate. He’s lived in Maryland all his life, has been married for more than 23 years and has four children. He wants to repeal tax increases and has voted against Gov. Martin O’Malley’s “bloated” budget; some have speculated he might one day run for governor.

And up until two weeks ago, he was the state senate minority leader, but resigned from his leadership position after sparking outrage for supporting one very toxic issue. It is an issue that threatens the very foundation of our society; an issue that if made law would bring America to her knees as a force of monstrous evil ravaged the country. The issue is the legal recognition of same-sex unions. Read more